I always knew I wanted to be an artist. When I was a little girl I remember standing in my nightgown, long past my bedtime, watching my Dad mix blue greys for his painting of the Tetons. I knew in that childhood moment, as my bare feet soaked into the carpet, I wanted to be an artist. From there, squiggle doodles matured to figure drawings, oil painting classes and a BFA from Brigham young University. After graduation, I put art in my back pocket. Working full-time to support my husband while he attended law school and starting a family took its rightful place and precedence in life. I remember in those quiet moments when one or all of our children napped I should go pick up my paint brush, but instead, I picked up one more piece of laundry to fold. The days were long and tiresome. Soon we were expecting our third child when things dramatically changed. Our baby was still born at 34 weeks. Through the grief, pain and sorrow I realized I needed something back in my life that was missing. It was art. I now paint because I find balance in art. In taking care of our young children and busy home, painting provides a tranquil reprieve; it lightens my mind and helps me approach daily life with more joy. Now there is more laundry to fold than ever, more dishes to clean than ever, and I am painting more than ever. Somehow at the end of the day it all fits. I hope my work offers you and your home beauty in the way that fine art enriches, deepens, and expands any environment.

Allie Zeyer


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